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Texts & Readings

Please click on the links below to open the text in a new window. You can then right-click the PDF to download it to your own computer. This page will be updated periodically to upload new information, so please check back regularly! (Last update: Tuesday, September 5)

Training Texts

  • Training texts for Suzuki Training
  • Instructions from Ellen regarding which training texts to learn first.
  • Please see the September 5 e-mail from Ellen to download the sound file with the Ancient Greek pronunciation. 


Please read Oedipus, available at, in preparation for the first day of training. You will work on this material for your piece in Composition class. 

Scene Study

Please come to the first scene study class with a memorized, well-rehearsed and performable piece of text prepared and ready to show. This “monologue” can be in any language and can be drawn from any source - theatrical, non-fiction, political speech, self-authored, etc. - and should be at most 5 minutes in length. It should be a piece that you are very comfortable with and are able to perform to the best of your ability. It is a chance for the Conservatory artists and the teacher to immediately take the first step in getting to know each other in the performative context and format of the class. If the artists have a solo piece that is already in their repertoire, they are free to show a section of it that meets the time parameters stated above. In addition, artists should come prepared to discuss material (plays, playwrights, scenes, genres, time periods, etc.) that they are interested in investigating so that we can quickly begin to choose scenes for artists to work on.

The Idea Monster (with Guest Artist Michael Severance)

Here are the two readings mentioned in Michael’s e-mail about materials to review, watch, and read prior to the beginning of his workshop on October 13. 


Click here to download the Dramaturgy Syllabus.

The texts below are required reading. We are still digitizing some of these materials, so please keep checking back!

Texts for October 10 Class:

Texts for October 24:

Texts for November 7:

Texts for November 14 (please note the date change):