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Radio Macbeth (2007)

Co-Directed by Anne Bogart & Darron LWest
Created and Performed by SITI Company
Adapted from the play by William Shakespeare


Akiko Aizawa Angus, Fleance, Lennox, Sexton, Son, Young Siward
Will Bond Duncan, MacDuff, Murderer, Doctor
Gian Murray Gianino Ross, Messenger, Donalbain, Murderer, Siward
Ellen Lauren Lady Macbeth
Kelly Maurer Witch, Porter, Lady Macduff, Gentlewoman
Barney O’Hanlon Banquo, Malcolm, Murderer, Servant
Stephen Duff Webber Macbeth
Dramaturgy J. Ed Araiza
Set & Costume Design James Schuette
Lighting Design Brian H Scott
Sound Design Darron L West
Properties Design Jason Szalla
Stage Manager Elizabeth Moreau
Costume Construction Elizabeth Baggett Carlin

Radio Macbeth takes place late at night in the guts of an abandoned theater. Actors circle restlessly around the common shared warmth of a rehearsal table, moving through the bullet of Shakespeare’s briefest and perhaps most magnetic play. Around them, in the perimeter of the space, the ghosts of all previous productions hover and encroach. The spirits of ambition, violence, fortune, fate, free will, hubris, vengeance, pride, indecision, paradox, the eternal male-female conflict and madness flicker and glow. The actors cling to the sanity of words while the chaos of history grows to be undeniably present with them in the room. It premiered at the Wexner Center for the Arts in February, 2007.