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Overview of Upcoming Training Opportunities

SITI offers a biennial Conservatory, training studios in our New York home, a master class series in NYC, a yearly intensive at Skidmore College, and international and domestic workshops. Please see below for a listing of upcoming workshops, then scroll to the bottom of the page for current workshop offerings. This list will be updated as workshops are confirmed, so please keep checking back! 

  • 2014-2015 Master Class Series: Spring Viewpoints Workshop with Anne Bogart (dates TBA; applications open end of February)
  • NYC February Training: Feb 2-6 (applications closed January 9; notification deadline is January 16)
  • Sophia, Bulgaria Workshop at Theatre-Laboratory “Sfumato” with Ellen Lauren, February 2-7, 2015 (Application now open; deadline is January 20, 2015)
  • San Francisco, California at FoolsFURY Theater with Leon Ingulsrud, March 9-14, 2015 (Registration now open; first come first serve. 1 day intro and 5 day intensive)
  • 2015 Annual Summer Intensive at Skidmore College, June 7-July 4, 2015 (Applications now open; application deadline is March 20, 2015)
  • 2015 Summer workshop at Falmouth College, Cornwall UK with Ellen Lauren, July 11 - 26, 2015 (Applications open Spring 2015)
  • NYC Advanced Summer Training (Applications open June 2015)
  • NYC Fall Studio- 7 Weeks, October-November 2015 (Applications open August 2015)
  • 2016-2017 Conservatory in NYC: Fall 2016 to Spring 2017 (Applications open December 2015)

SITI has a small but scrappy staff handling inquiries about upcoming workshops. Please feel free to contact us, but please peruse the Conservatory, Master Class, Training, and FAQ pages first, as it might be a faster way to get an answer to your question.

You can also visit us on Facebook or join our mailing list to learn about upcoming opportunities— we will announce confirmed dates for workshops on social media as soon as we can, and following us on this platform is a good way to hear about it first!

Current Workshops

NYC February Training 

Monday, February 2- Friday, February 6, 2015

1:00 - 4:15 PM ** Please note the change in time!

Application Deadline: Friday, January 9 at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time (Applications open on December 15)

Notification Deadline: Friday, January 16

The Class: 

The February Training Studio is a class combining Suzuki Method and Viewpoints training. This is a mixed-level workshop, appropriate for artists with beginning, intermediate, or advanced understanding of Suzuki and Viewpoints. Artists will train in Suzuki and Viewpoints each day as part of the workshop. 

Please click here for more information.  


“This has been one of the most intense, brilliant, life-changing, inspirational and growing experiences of my life. I will treasure the learning and new awareness throughout my career and cannot wait to add them. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this training to committed theater practitioners.”

—Ali Kennedy Scott, Saratoga 2012



Upcoming Workshops: 

NYC February Training

Feb 2-6, 2015

1:00-4:15 ** Please note change in time.

Applications are now being reviewed.

Please click here for more information. 


2015 Summer Intensive at Skidmore

June 7 - July 4, 2015

Saratoga Springs, NY

Applications now open!

Please visit Skidmore’s website for more information.