SITI Work/Space

The process behind each SITI Company project is unique to each work, allowing us to pursue our specific interests in the subject matter before us and adapting to the production: sometimes devising work, sometimes performing classics, sometimes working with living playwrights.

In some ways, the process is quite unconventional. Each day begins with a different company member leading the training. This allows us to check in with one another, and ourselves. The atmosphere is one of profound openness. There is a strong focus that is multidirectional. Anyone in the company can speak up about any subject. The most important question in the rehearsal room is What does this play need to come to life? This is a question thats asked communally.

The Suzuki training and Viewpoints are always part of the process. There is also a high value placed on rigor, resulting in an atmosphere of serious professionalism that is leavened by the companys natural sense of irreverent humor.

There are certain critical features to the process that exist beneath the surface, the result of a group of artists, sharing a long-term commitment to a set of artistic valuesthings that can happen only within a group thats been working together for as long as the SITI Company has.

In the last two years, SITI Company has launched a new paradigm for creating new work which we call SITI Work/Space. In this new way of working, we are envisioning our rehearsal studio as something analogous to a painter’s studio where there are various works at various levels of completion coexisting in the space. This allows us to experiment and generate work without necessarily waiting for commissions and engagements from presenting organizations or venues.

SITI Company is currently working on:

     FALLING & LOVING - collaboration with STREB Extreme Action.

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