It is impossible to simply state what the philosophy of the SITI Company is. Not only is the SITI Company a collective of artists, each with their own individual take on the company and its work, but the work of the company is constantly evolving; growing and changing as it moves through time and responds to a changing world.

However it is possible to point to a number of philosophical underpinnings which form the foundation of SITI Company’s work, and are held in common. 

  1. All great life-changing work made for the theater has historically been made by companies.
  2. The theater is proposing to the world, alternate ways for a society to organize itself.
  3. The theater is a gymnasium for the soul.
  4. A balance between teaching, learning and doing is critical for an artist’s life.
  5. The art of the theater rests upon the art of the actor.
  6. International cultural exchange is impossible, therefore we must try.
  7. Training is an essential and central component of a performing artist’s lifestyle, not just their education.